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Personal Information Protection Policy

Yasuda Real Estate Co., Ltd. (the "Company") shall comply with Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations, keeping "Reliability First" in mind. For the purposes of appropriately utilizing and managing personal information, the Company shall implement and maintain Personal Information Protection Policy indicated below.

  1. 1.The Company has established "Regulations on Personal Information Protection," and is working to disseminate these regulations to such Company employees as directors, general employees, part-time employees and temporary workers, as well as other related individuals.

  2. 2.The Company will handle personal information in a lawful and fair manner when it is acquired directly and indirectly, as well as avoid acquiring information in a dishonest manner.

  3. 3.The Company will formulate suitable safety measures to prevent loss, destruction, tampering and leaking of personal information.

  4. 4.The Company will not release personal information to third parties without obtaining the prior consent of the relevant individuals, except when deemed appropriate in certain matters or when legally obligated to do so.

  5. 5.The Company will strive to meet the request of individuals regarding the release, confirmation, revision or cessation of use of their personal information within reasonable limits.

  6. 6.The Company will deliberate on and enter into necessary contracts with relevant contractors as well as enact other legally necessary measures when outsourcing the handling of business-related personal information.

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